As Billy's goal is to help other's live out the best life they can on their own terms, he tries to show other's that it isn't just the mind that is the soul piece of the puzzle.

Our health on a physical and emotional stand point play a pivotal role as well.


Billy has spent the last 10 years diving into and learning new ways to help our bodies become healthier.

Through his own experiences of trial and error and working under coaches and other's in the health field, Billy has gained a wealth of knowlege. 

From specific workouts to different diets, he has tried to figure out what would work best for our bodies and our minds.


If a client has a health and wellness goal, Billy will share this knoweldge he has learned over the years with them to help them achieve that goal and create momentum for them to continue the success in all areas of their lives. 


Billy believes that if we are to live a great life, we need to be active about it. So to be active about bettering our life, we need to get active!


If you have a health and wellness goal that you want to achieve and need help with, reach out today!

Please contact me for a consultation today:

Phone: 774-238-2984

Health and Wellness

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